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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. For more detailed information, view our
Rental Policy or call 509-720-5200.

Is there a minimum amount of time we need to rent the room?
Please check with reservation specialists for details. Weddings and Receptions in the Great Room have a 10-hour minimum rental and a 6-hour minimum rental for the Lounge.

Can I put my name down to hold a room?
If you would like to place a reservation, you will need to fill out either the Business and Private Event Rental Form or the Wedding and Reception Rental Application and pay the applicable fees. We will hold rooms for business events upon request.

What do I need to pay in order to reserve the room?
If you are interested in booking with CenterPlace you need to complete either the Business and Private Event Rental Form or the Wedding and Reception Rental Application and pay applicable fees. CenterPlace accepts checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Can we bring in our own food?
Groups are only permitted to bring in their own food for Sunday events.  There are no kitchen facilities available to customers so all food brought in must be pre-prepared.  Events occurring on Monday – Saturday and all weddings must use in-house catering for all food service.  A group may supply their own cake for special occasion events (wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc.).

Are we permitted to bring in an outside caterer?
Groups must utilize the CenterPlace in-house caterer for any food/beverage service for Monday – Saturday events.  Sunday events are welcome to provide their own food, however no other caterers are permitted at CenterPlace.

Can I have food in the Meeting Rooms and/or Auditorium?
Yes, you may have food in our Meeting Rooms. Meals are not allowed in the Auditorium, however coffee and snacks are allowed.

Are decorations allowed?
Yes, a variety of decorations are allowed. For your safety and in respect for our other guests, CenterPlace does adhere to a decorations policy. Crock pots and glitter are strictly prohibited inside of CenterPlace. Please refer to the Decoration Policy for a complete list of approved and prohibited decorations.

Do I have to pay the host/hostess fees? What do they do?
If your event is after business hours, the host/hostess fee will be applied. The host/hostess is someone who will monitor and maintain the building during your event. If during your event you need an extra table, extra linens, or have any questions, they are trained to help you. If you desire servers or event organizers, please make those arrangements with the caterer.

What is the deposit for?
Every event is charged a refundable deposit. The deposit is collected for unforeseen needs such as damages, extra linens or additional clean up. This allows us to provide services without collecting additional fees during your event. This deposit covers most circumstances but please note that damages or services which exceed the deposit will be billed to the customer.

Do any of your rooms have outside access?
Yes, the Great Room has a patio off of the west entry. The upstairs Fireside Lounge has a balcony. Smoking is not allowed on the balcony.

Can we serve alcohol?
Yes, all alcohol service must be served and provided by the CenterPlace in-house caterer.

Do I need to rent the room for the time I want to set up and clean up?
Yes, your room rental includes any set up and/or clean up time needed. Therefore, if you desire to get in early to decorate or have food delivered, please reserve the room for that time. Once you have decided on the hours of your rental, the start time is the time you may enter the room and the end time indicates the time by which you need to be completely cleared out.

Do I have to clean up?
No, we clean up. We charge a fee for our banquet rooms; this allows you and your guests to relax after the big event. The cleanup is included in the pricing for our banquet rooms.

Are there designated smoking areas?
Per Washington State law, smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of the building. Your guests may smoke at the receptacles provided at the front entrance, covered carport or Great Room patio. Smoking is not allowed on the Lounge balcony.

How far in advance can I reserve a room?
Our staff will take reservations up to 3 years in advance from the event date for all event types.