Emergency Coordination

Emergency Management

Emergency management includes the functions that support community resilience and make effective and coordinated field response possible. These functions are planning, alert and warning, resource management, training, exercises, public education and outreach, and policy support.

The City of Spokane Valley contracts with Spokane County Emergency Management (SCEM), a full-service emergency management agency with credentialed emergency managers. 

City Emergency Alerts

Be notified of emergency alerts at city-owned and operated facilities, or emergency alerts directly related to city services.

Register to receive city emergency alerts and notifications.

Spokane County - Alert Spokane

ALERT Spokane is the program behind public alert and warning notifications disseminated throughout the greater Spokane area. The software supporting the program is called CodeRED. CodeRED is a mass notification system that can distribute emergency notifications via landline, cellular and/or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, as well as via email, text messages, and TTD, TTY capable phones.

Subscribers may receive an alert message if emergency response personnel need to notify a specific area or areas in the county about any type of safety situation. Incidents such as a wildfire, missing person, or law enforcement activity are examples of situations where it may be used. Information about the emergency may be provided, and some of these notifications may or may not directly impact you. This information is for the benefit of the general public and both businesses and residences located within the greater Spokane area may receive the message.

Register to receive alerts through Alert Spokane.

Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared for when an emergency or disaster occurs? Ready.gov recommends you make a plan and a kit to help you get by for several days in the event help cannot arrive right away. Don't forget to include enough supplies for family members and pets too!

Visit Spokane County Emergency Management's webpage and Ready.gov to help you prepare your plan and assemble a kit to keep you and your family safe!