Vendors and Commercial Activities in Parks

City parks are established for recreational purposes. Accordingly, commercial use, whether by for-profit or nonprofit entities, is prohibited except through written agreement with the City or by permit issued by the department. The City may require appropriate compensation from any commercial use, which may include, but shall not be limited to, a per-event fee. Such compensation may be in addition to any rental fee. Such compensation shall be determined based upon the nature of the event, the public benefit of the event, and the impact to the City and City park facilities from the event, including how much of the park facilities will be unavailable to other users. Any agreement or permit for sale of goods or services in City parks shall include procuring and maintaining liability insurance at least consistent with that required in SVMC 5.15.070.

Items of Consideration:

  • Groups or organizations conducting commercial activities on park or City facilities must pay the prevailing rental rates for use of the facility. 
  • Sponsors of profit-making, commercial activities conducted on park or City property must provide the Department with evidence of comprehensive general liability insurance sufficient to protect the City against risk, with a limit of at least $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate and must name the City of Spokane Valley as additional insured. 
  • In addition to the rental fee and insurance, the sponsors of for-profit commercial activities conducted on park or City property will pay the City of Spokane Valley a percentage of the gross receipts which will be determined annually. Within thirty (30) days after a commercial or promotional activity, an itemized list of all income associated with such an event is to be submitted to the Director, together with payment of the established percentage fee.

See entire Vendors in Parks Administrative Policy.